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Modern bubble walls

In previous articles, we've covered the history and challenges of classic bubble panels. But progress does not stand still, and instead of disposable structures, unusable, they came, bubble panels of a closed cycle. In this article, we will introduce you to modern bubble panels.

What has changed?

1. Let's start with the main technology that drags everything with it. It is a closed loop. The point is simple. The panel is hermetically sealed and a closed cycle compressor is used. The air is chasing around the same circle and there is simply nowhere for new dust and dirt to come from. That is, the compressor pumps air into the panel, bubbles rise, then this air is taken from under the cover and returns through the tube to the compressor inlet.

Dust can no longer get inside the panel. The air is chasing around the same circle and there is simply nowhere for new dust and dirt to come from.

2. Since the panel is sealed, water stops evaporating. It's like with a can of water, if it is without a lid, it evaporates, and if you cover it with a lid, the water remains inside. No need to add water all the time.

3. The next step is vibration and noise isolation of the compressors. At the moment, the insulation has been brought to such a level that the noise of the compressor is practically indistinguishable in the apartment. The slight rustle of bubbles inside the bubble panel is even slightly louder than the operation of the compressor. The compressor cannot be heard. It can even be installed in the bedroom.

4. Continuing to improve the operating characteristics of the compressor panels, they began to make external ones. Now, even when installing large and tall panels, where more powerful compressors are required, you can always think about the location of the compressor in advance so that you cannot hear or see it. Also, the external compressor allows you to preserve all the elegance of the panel, since it is in any case the largest component of the system. The panel is made with a thickness of only 3 cm along with the trim and is connected to the compressor with hidden inserts.

The panel is only 3 cm thick. The compressor is inaudible. Can even be installed in the bedroom.

5. The portable compressors made the panels completely safe in wet areas. Since only tubes with air and a 12V power supply are suitable for the panel itself, you can even put such a panel in the pool, nothing will happen to it or you.

In the next article we will consider the technical conditions and recommendations for installing a closed-loop bubble panel from Aquastyle.