About us
We are located in St. Petersburg, Russia, where we design, develop and manufacture our products. All parts are processed on a CNC machine.
The performance of our bubble walls is higher than contestant's one, because of our own patented developments.

We work only with German Plexiglass acrylic with manufacturer's warranty of 30 years from yellowing and haze.
Our own development - "closed loop" type of bubble walls. Their performance is much higher than standard models on market. They are sealed, so dust cannot pass through. They are quieter so there is no need to add water so often.
Another our innovation is a kit for individual air control in bubble cells. It allows you to draw shapes and symbols with bubbles inside the wall. Drawings can be made both by the programmed mode and on live display from the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone .
In conclusion, we also worked over compressors. Now it works quite silently. We constantly improve our products and would like to make our customers surprised with something new.