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The history of bubble walls

You can admire the burning fire and free flowing water for an infinitely long time. An air bubble panel easily complements this list. A chic solution for zoning space, is used as a design element and has a relaxing effect on the psyche and emotional state of a person. Have you already wanted to purchase this miracle for your home or office? Then read the article to the end and find out what the design is, how it appeared and how to choose a high-quality model.

An excursion into history

In dry, technical terms, the bubble panel is a sheet of cellular acrylic from the Plexiglas all top brand. Not many people know, but this material was originally developed by Evonic to cover greenhouses. Bubble panels are just side use.

Bubble panels - only a side-use of Plexiglas alltop

Distinctive properties of Plexiglas all top material:
·      Good thermal insulation - the air inside the cell is an excellent heat insulator, the effect of a glass unit is obtained.
·      The honeycomb structure is very strong, such a sheet on the greenhouse roof easily withstands wind load and is designed for the pressure of the snow cover.
·      The transparency of acrylic is higher than that of ordinary silicate glass; therefore, more light penetrates inside. It is this feature that gives bubble panels such a chic look.

A person who first guessed to glue a base to a sheet of acrylic, pour water inside and supplement with illuminated bubbles, surely is a creative person and a great connoisseur of beauty.

 Since the photos of bubble panels appeared on the Internet, about 10 years ago, they evoke a whole range of emotions - admiration, flight of imagination, and, of course, the desire to immediately buy such an element of decor with magic bubbles inside.

Demand creates supply, and the apparent ease of production has generated a lot of people who want to make money on it. Every aquarist has seen nothing difficult in the production of panels. It would seem: I took a sheet of acrylic, cut it to size, glued the base, drilled holes for blowing bubbles, highlighted it with LED strip and connected the aquarium compressor.

The striving for beauty in a person cannot be stopped. People were ready to purchase products of any quality, since there was no alternative. Were the expectations of customers met? This is next article about stillborn panels with bubbles.