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How to Choose a bubble wall?

Liked watching the fancy bubbles in the acrylic panel? Do you feel harmony and calmness? Are you getting more and more buying thoughts? Be sure to read the article to the end - it will save money and nerves.

DIY production - is it possible or not?

The first article was about where the first bubble panels came from and how they were assembled. Everyone started with this. Unfortunately, 95% of manufacturers have not moved from this level at all, not thinking at all about the quality of products and how to use them later.

95% of manufacturers continue to make panels that won't work

Air bubble panels look so fascinating and bright that the desire to purchase one of them appears involuntarily. Nevertheless, the price of products "bites" and raises certain doubts. If you do not care about the issue of further operation, then, of course, you can choose by price, otherwise, it is better to understand the issue a little.

It is important! The water bubble panel from different manufacturers differs in quality, like # nbsp; a homemade wheelbarrow from a car, while the price does not differ so much. Read and understand - how to make the right choice and not buy a trinket at the cost of a Boeing.

Bubble panel cannot be selected by price

Experts who really understand technology and do not skimp on materials and equipment have dubbed all handcrafted panels - stillborn. Why? Such a design will never work as advertised, and as shown in the photo and video.

For optimists who always believe in good things, here are some obvious facts:

The first generation bubble panels function like an aquarium. This means that the aquarium compressor draws in air from the room, and with it dust and dirt. This cannot be avoided, because sterility is maintained only in the operating room. Small holes in nozzles quickly become clogged and require constant cleaning and blowing, otherwise the bubbles simply stop flowing.

Due to the transparency of acrylic, the dirt inside is very clearly visible and soon, you will have to admire not only bubbles, but also clots of dust. It is extremely difficult to clean the inside of the panel, and who will do it? As a rule, manufacturers of such products refuse to further service them or it costs inadequate money.

If this is not enough, then here are a couple more facts:

Water is constantly evaporating from the panel. On the one hand, it is useful - the room has good humidity, it breathes well. But you must admit that it is unwise to spend money on such a strange "air humidifier", because a humidifier can be bought for a penny. On the other hand, the water will have to be topped up often, about once a week and in a rather non-trivial way.

As a rule, you first need to remove the top lining, crawl up to the panel and add water to the narrow gap with a syringe. It's still good when the panel is against the wall, but if it is built into the opening? A high-quality item should not be difficult to maintain, otherwise the thought arises - is a bubble panel really necessary in the interior?

Another disadvantage of such panels is the noise and vibration that the compressor creates. In a small room, extraneous sounds of this intensity irritate, distract and cause negativity. But the panels come in different sizes, and the larger the panel, the more powerful the compressor is needed.

Do not forget about the aesthetic component. Buying such a beautiful and expensive product, you want the frame to look dignified. And if the panel sheet itself is the same for everyone, then the base, the technical part and the finish will differ dramatically. The semi-handcrafted panels feature huge bases. If the panel itself is only 16mm thick, then the base will be 20 times larger!

Any product is evolving and closed loop bubble panels are already available. This is a new generation of panels that are devoid of all of the above disadvantages. In a nutshell, the panel is made sealed, a special compressor is used, which drives the same air in a circle and there is simply no place for new dust to come from. In a sealed panel, water does not evaporate and there is no need to add anything, and sound insulation and a remote compressor allow you to install it even in the bedroom.

Bubble panel - choose wisely

1. Buy only closed loop design. Everything else is wasted money. The device will work for several weeks at best. Then they will begin, in simple terms, - worries for the masochist - to top up the water, clean the nozzles.

2. Explore the supplier's website. If there are several pictures from the Internet and a photograph of one sample from ten sides, then this is a wake-up call. Really, if the manufacturer had real beautiful works, they wouldn't have posted them? This means that either they are not there, or, most likely, they look so that you don't want to show them.

3. Request pictures of actual products, see the test piece and make sure it works. See how evenly the bubbles are distributed across the panel, this is best seen by the water level on the working product. Listen to the compressor noise, are you satisfied with it, ask if the compressor can be placed remotely?

In fact, you can choose a high-quality, stylish, reliable air bubble panel. At the core, modern closed-loop technology. This is what our next article is about.